Thursday, November 8, 2012

tracing paper

drawing on tracing paper is putting me in a good place right now. There's so much variety in line i can get, and just knowing that whatever i draw can be easily torn off, taped down, traced, scanned, whatever...

I may or may not be doing final lifework on it in the future, though I'd like some heavier stuff than what I've got right now. Vellum is looking really attractive, especially after rifling through so many images by Sergio Martinez. Check out this Line and Colors post on him- it contains links to his 4 (Four) separate blogs: He has an amazing technique of doing an incredible drawing on transparent vellum, and then using oil or wax crayons diluted with turpenoid on the backside for his color. The way the color ghosts through the paper creates moods and atmosphere like nothing else (in his hands, anyway). Definitely check out his stuff. 

I'm currently working on an illustration for an incredible short story titled "To Build a Fire" by Jack London. Read it if you've got the time:

Just a couple pieces of life drawing for today.

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  1. Hey Daniel -- Yes, tracing paper is great. Years ago an artist friend was at Disney (I think) and the layout artists were using black Prisma pencil on tracing paper; I prefer it with a soft surface underneath, like on a pad -- It gives more variance of gradation effects with alittle give. BTW, I painted on the ruins of the old Jack London estate in Sonoma last month. It was a state park, but California bailed on it because of funding cuts, but it was cool to paint there anyway... Your work is looking great,inspired -- keep it up!