Saturday, July 30, 2011

PLUGGING: Philip Whisenhunt

  So I met this cool kid at Ringling's Pre-College Perspective program many moons ago, and he has since improved at an awesome rate. He currently is studying at Virginia Commonwealth University under the likes of incredible illustrator and fine artist Sterling Hundley.  I've known few this dedicated to their passion and I'm happy to represent him on this blog. I can't wait to see what he turns out after his 4 years at VCU are through.

He's sure to become a big name in the future, I can feel it.

This may be the first post in a series of PLUGGING posts, where I highlight the names of friends of mine that I know will be seeing the limelight in a short while. Keep on trucking guys!


  1. great idea! Phil definitely deserves the plug! he's got the drive and the determination to make it wherever he wants to go.

  2. Daniel- thanks for the plug! It is encouraging! You are putting more and more into this blog and the making it a great place to visit.

    Vincent- Thanks for the kind words! I am excited with the direction of your work lately, the paintings look great.