Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tonight's study

mastercopy of an ilya repin's the original:

and here is my quick attempt:

Tried to color correct but failed, I really need a good lighting set-up to photograph oils paintings, its so hard

lots of values need darkening, especially in the main crevices of where his eye meets his cheek, and also the form isnt turning on the bottom bag of his eyes. lots of work needs to be done...

ill also post up the leyendecker copy in acrylics tomorrow probably, dont think ill do any more work on that one, just a fast thing

Alright, bed time


  1. copy came out very nicely. I would agree with the darkening of values. how did you go about this one?

  2. well, i started with a burnt umber toned background with OMS, then did a sketch in the same that showed the main stuff; all relevant proportional info, main masses, no detail though

    after that i started mixing specific spots of color to lay down, i also used a general color for the skin to lay down in big areas to work into

    you can still see the wash background in the ear, hardly did any work there