Monday, May 16, 2011

New York Trip

I recently had the awesome opportunity of traveling to New York for 3 full days. My targets:

The Met,
The Society of Illustrators,
The Salmagundi Club,
The Frick Collection,
The Neue Galerie,
and the Adelson Gallery.

Unfortunately I was unable to visit the Adelson Gallery; however, I was able to hit my other destinations.

My first stop was the Met with my tiny ass point-and-shoot. This thing doesn't even have an option to change the shutter speed. Even with these limitations, I was able to get some awesome high-rez shots of multiple Sargent and Hals portraits' hands and faces. Unfortunately my camera battery ran out the minute before I got into the room with the giant Sargent painting "The Wyndham Sisters" :

It was mind-blowingly good.

The Society of Illustrators visit was interesting; I arrived and found that the main gallery holding the SoI Student Scholarship Exhibition was also holding about 60 or so people all listening to Peter de Seve and Chris Wedge, famous character designer/illustrator and Director of Blue Sky Studios, respectively, lecture about Blue Sky Studios, particularly Ice Age and Robots, and animation/illustration in general. Very cool people, awesome to see them in person.

After the lecture was over, I wandered around the place, up the staircases that were lined with incredible illustrations by some incredible people, down the narrow hallways, more illustrations lining the walls, more staircases, til I got up to the lounge/bar with the Microvisions Exhibit opposite. Peter and Chris came up behind me and sat down at the bar for a drink and I watched as everyone who was at that night's Sketch Night was drawing, drinking, and listening to live music. It was awesome. I think if I lived in New York, I would probably live in that place.

Next was the Neue Galerie, which hosted an impressive amount of works by Klimt and Schiele, not only paintings but numerous drawings and even poster and graphic work by Klimt. 
Afterward I walked about 10 blocks south to the Frick Collection, which is currently holding an exhibition called Rembrandt and His School, which featured numerous etchings and prints by him and those who came after him. The permanent collection contained numerous Rembrandts, Holbeins, Fragonards, Gainsboroughs, and other such stuffs.

I then took the subway to the Salmagundi Club, which is currently holding the American Masters Exhibition. This I did not know until I arrived and I was thoroughly overjoyed to see works in person by Jeremy Lipking, Quang Ho, David Kassan, Richard Schmid, Sherrie McGraw, David Leffel, and other awesome names. In addition to this exhibit, there was also the Robert Lougheed Retrospective, in honor of the incredible painter, and their permanent collection, containing some truly amazing paintings; I saw a Kinstler and they even had a Cornwell. Along the walls were tacked up the palettes and brushes of famous artists, including the brushes and palette, in a glass case, of George Inness, the famous landscape painter, donated to the Salmagundi Club by the artist long ago. Quang Ho was there, too, talking with what must have been part of the Club administration about their collection in the basement floor of the building. Was really cool to get to see these creators in person.

Basically the trip was incredible.


  1. Must have been amazing! Wish I could have seen them.

  2. Daniel: How wonderful that you were able to visit the Salmagundi Club, and how generous of you to give us such a rave review!! Everyone at the Club is thrilled that you had such a terrific time with us--and that you put us on the same list as the Met, the Frick, and other august places to visit.
    Get in touch with us! All the best, Claudia Seymour, President, Salmagundi Club

  3. Daniel,Thanks for sharing your visit to NY...especially the Salmagundi Club that I yet to see.Next week I have work in the NSPCA's annual show and how I wish I could see it!!
    Thank you the 'tour'!