Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Robert Fawcett: The Illustrator's Illustrator


     I've been a huge fan of Fawcett's stuff ever since I saw his work on David Apatoff's IllustrationArt Blog years ago. What an incredible draughtsman; I'm ecstatic that there's finally a book out on his work. Better yet, the text is by Apatoff, whose writing I've been enjoying for years. And Walt Reed, the author of The Illustrator in America books, has graced the tome with an (incredible, I'm sure) introduction.

     For the Ringling students who want to enjoy this book but can't fork over the $34.99 for it (though it's totally worth it), I've requested Kimbrough Library to buy the book for their collection. I don't have any money right now, so I hope they get it in soon, though I know I'll purchase in the future.

The library does have a book by Fawcett himself, On the Art of Drawing. It's quite a good read.

Samples if you don't know Fawcett's work and need convincing:

Many thanks to Apatoff for these samples of Fawcett's work; the last 3 were taken from the IllustrationArt blog.

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  1. Robert Fawcett, what an artist.

    I've had On The Art of Drawing for a few years now.

    Between that and George my whole attitude towards drawing has totally shifted.

    A really good piece of writing.

    Thanks for getting on Kimbrough, Dan!